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The Menstrual Cycle of Adevărata Toggenburg

Given how much grief Implanon gave me, it should not be surprising that periods have worked their way into my story, the only question is: why did it take me so long?
Okay so when Morena finds a secret drawer in the carved Maramures wooden chest/nightside table, the contents are pretty boring: Romanian letters written by Lady Adevărata's mother Luminița, one letter in German from Lord Baldurgeb Toggenburg advising Adevărata what herbs his second wife, Lady Sappheire used when she was trying to get pregnant.*and a second letter, in Greek, from an Israeli lady doctor from the winter of 2306 Ab Urbe Condita/Kislev or Tevet 5314, advising Adevărata that she should wait seven days until after the end of her period to have sex, and also sending a complimentary a charm from Rachel's tomb.
However it is from here that Morena figures out that Lady
Adevărata had a thing for secrets, which is what leads her to discover the hidden compartment within the shelf inside the icon stand in the room's Red Corner. Here she finds a key. The key unlocks a hidden compartment behind the icon-diptych of Eileithyia and Lună** . Within which Morena finds Adevărata's "Period Poem", which is dated 11th of  Lenzmonat 2307 Ab Urbe Condita.
According to Babycenter's Ovulation tracker, if the first day of your last menstrual period was the 11th of March, then ovulation should occur between the 22nd of March and 27th of March.
I will say that Adevărata made love to Jovin, on the 25th of March. Which gives a due date of the 16th of December according to babycenter.

*The modern reader will learn the Aesop that "Herbal Medicine can kill you" from this. Since not only did they not help with pregnancy but they actually proved toxic.
Eileithyia was the goddess of childbirth Lună was the goddess of the moon, but when I googled menstruation deities, she seemed to be the closests Roman equivalent.

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