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Working on Morena's family tree

Morena Mstislavna Sever[1] born just before midnight on the 12/12/1569 Daughter of Mstislav Radomirovic Leshin/Leshev/Sever/Severian Grand Prince of Moskva/Tsar of Severia. Her Mother is Gabia Wojciechowska  Jagiellon of Lechia.

[1] I wanted her surname to be Berstuk, but this sounds too much like “Stark”, and anyway Berstuk was a Wendish, rather than Russian deity. On the basis that many pre-Christian kings claimed to be descended from Hercules/Horus/Woden, I wanted a surnamed that reflected the idea that  Morena’s  family claimed to be descended from a Leshy/Lesun. However, since IRL Russia is named after the Rus/Rurikid dynasty I thought perhaps Sever (after the Severian tribe), since Barry Buzhan shares his surname with the Buzhans (another early slavic tribe)

March 1567 Gabia Wojciechowska gives birth to Borislav Mstislav
12 June 1565 Gabia Wojciechowska  Jagiellon marries Mstislav Radomirovic

Gabia Wojciechowska  Jagiellon born to Wojciech Zygmuntowski Jagiellon and his as yet unknown wife.

October 1547
Wojciech Zygmuntowski Jagiellon marries one of these potential brides:
Nadzeya Ogińska of Vitebsk (Belarus)
Olga Zasławska of Iziaslav (Ukraine)
Bronislava Ostrogska of Ostroh (Ukraine)
Uladzimira Sapieha of Ruzhany (Belarus)
Pereyaslava Wiśniowiecka of Vyshnivets (Ukraine)
Vira Sanguszko of Volyn (Ukraine)
Bolesława of Masovia (Warsaw)-least likely.

1547 Mstislav Radomirovic born to Tsar Radomir Svyatoslavich  and Princess Endzela of Kartulia.

1541 Radomir Svyatoslavich marries Princess Endzela of Kartulia.

20/September/1527 Wojciech Olbracht born to Bona Sforza and Zygmunt I, King of Poland
1524 Radomir Svyatoslavich born to Grand Prince of Moskva Svyatoslav Vsevolodich and Çulpan Giray.
1521 Svyatoslav Vsevolodich marries Çulpan Geraylar in a marriage arranged by her brother Maktarga Khan Giray.

1507 Çulpan Geraylar/Giray born at Bağçasaray or Saray to Meñli Geraylar/Giray, Khagan of Kazan and Âktylyk/Tañ Patšabikə Khatun daughter of Timur ulym Aryslan, Bey of the Manghits.
December 1505 Svyatoslav born to Vsevolod Dažmilich and Snezhana of Tver
4/September/1505 Eirene Yarilovna Saburova marries Vsevolod Belodarich Rurikid
7/April/1503 Death of Sophie Palaiologina
1496 Vsevolod Belodarich/Dažmilich marries Snezhana of Tver
25/March/1479 Vsevolod Dažmilich born to Dažmil Vlastimirich and Sophie Palaiologina
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